Craftsmanship in Finishing Carpentry is reflected in every level of the design and build process, down to the smallest detail. A true craftsman always takes care to finish a job properly, down to the smallest details. The quality and effect of your home's interior depends, not only on your cabinetry and countertops, but on the smaller details found in each room's finish including closets, fireplaces and wall units. By paying attention to the details, we can achieve a stronger overall effect in each room since the eye is not drawn to inconsistencies, even when they are small.

At Perfect Finishing, we strive to produce a cohesive design that includes the services found in our finishing carpentry. For example, we us top-quality dovetail joints in all of the drawers we produce. This type of joint will not pull apart and requires no mechanical fasteners. We bring completion to each room with the rich finish of mouldings and mantles. We also use quality hardware to ensure our customers enjoy their custom cabinetry for many years to come.

At Perfect Finishing, we believe the essence of truly "Fine Finish & Trim Carpentry" is an artful combination of design, creativity, and craftsmanship - what we like to call "Perfect Finishing Touch!" Whether you're planning a new home, or remodeling your present home, the exceptional quality and elegance of woodwork by us will enhance both its beauty and value. Call today for an appointment!

Our services includes:

  • Fireplaces
  • Book Shelves
  • Entertainment Units
  • Crown Moldings
  • Door Installations